Green policy

At Forth House Caravan Site we aim to provide quality pitches and facilities in a rural location whilst minimising the impact on our environment.

Our Caravan and Camping Site

It all started off from a Certificated Site in 1993 and over the years we have gradually improved and expanded the site. Many native trees and hedges have been strategically planted to act as wind breaks and provide natural habitat for wildlife, but retain the magnificent views the site boasts.

All water on-site is drawn from our private borehole and is treated ready for use/consumption.

Electricity is predominantly supplied from the mains, however we also operate a 10KW photovoltaic system which assists during favourable weather conditions and feeds any excess power back into the grid.

All waste water is treated in a treatment plant prior to being discharged to a watercourse, via a soakaway. Our treatment plant was purchased as a market leader, providing a pollutant removal level of 97%.

Our site layout retains as much grass and undisturbed ground as possible, which allows areas to remain a friendly environment for birds, animals and wild plants.

All access roads and pitches have been designed and installed to provide a robust finish yet allow rainwater to permeate its surface and drain naturally.

Our site is located within a designated “Area of Great Landscape Value”. We encourage visitors to enjoy their stay and promote a “leave no trace” policy – please use the bins provided and help conserve the environment for others to enjoy.

Site lighting has been strategically sited to minimise artificial light pollution. On clear dark nights the site is ideal for stargazing.

We implement the following to minimise impact on our environment:

Waste management


  • Glass, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminium and steel cans are all collected at our recycling point.
  • All used light fittings are stored and then taken in bulk to our merchant who recycle them.
  • We monitor the amount of general waste and recycling on-site with the aim to increase recycling and decrease the amount of general waste.
  • We liaise closely with our waste management providers to avoid any unnecessary visits and optimise collections.
  • We collect our grass cuttings and store them to degrade. We then use the well-rotted grass to spread on the fields.
  • During quieter periods we mulch the grass rather than collect in order to help feed the grass.


  • Showers are controlled by coin operated timers.
  • Low watt, effective hairdryers are controlled by timers.
  • Toilets are fitted with duo flow cisterns and are restricted to 4 litres (max).  
  • Use of e-mails and electronic banking helps reduce paper.
  • Double sided printing is used when printing is required.
  • Purchase products in bulk, where appropriate, to reduce miles and packaging.
  • Provide paper towel dispensers in all washrooms which distributes specific amount to avoid waste.
  • Provide soap dispensers in all washrooms which distribute a specific amount to avoid waste.
  • Provide dual roll toilet roll dispensers in all washrooms designed to avoid waste.
  • We do not permit the use of petrol/diesel generators on-site.
  • We promote public transport facilities enabling visitors to leave their vehicles on-site.
  • All water is supplied via a private borehole. Water is processed using a chlorine free treatment plant, utilising UV, particulate and media bed filters and is tested on a regular basis to meet The Private Supplies (Scotland) Regulations 2006.
  • The washing of vehicles or caravans is not permitted on site.


  • Book swap available on site
  • Toilet blocks are insulated and naturally ventilated.
  • Encourage guests to return or add tourist information leaflets on departure, so they can be re-used.

Energy use


  • All electric hook up points are limited by 10Amp breakers.
  • Offer £2 off per night for those who select pitches without access to a power point.


  • All 58 Watt fluorescent lamps have been replaced with 24w LED A rated units.
  • Low energy lighting is used throughout toilet and shower blocks and operate on a PIR system; ensuring lights only come on when required.
  • The exterior lighting is minimal to avoid light pollution and support dark skies for stargazing. Any lighting installed comprises low energy and are on a ‘dusk till dawn’ setting ensuring lighting is only on when natural light is not present.


  • Low watt electric heaters are installed with tamper proof thermostats.
  • Portable electric heaters are not permitted in tents or awnings.


  • Outside drying facilities are available.

In choosing to stay at Forth House Caravan Site, you have made an important step to having a more environmentally friendly holiday. Please help us to minimise impact on our environment even further, where possible.

Some steps to take…
1. Switch It Off! – We are committed to saving energy and our environment. Our park lighting is operated via timers and sensors. Please help us by turning off unnecessary lights in your unit and by using heating equipment sensibly. Heaters in awnings and tents are not permitted.
2. Use Water Wisely – Please conserve water by using water wisely and turning taps off.
3. Recycle It! – Recycling facilities are available on-site - please use it correctly and responsibly. Do not drop litter and please clean up after dogs.
4. Enjoy The Site’s Environment – We have a large variety of wildlife on and around the site. Our sites link with nature and countryside is part of the experience. Take a stroll or sit back and see what you can spot - record your sightings on our wildlife chart! Perhaps even take a photograph and share it on our Facebook page!
5. Eat and Buy Local – There are a number of local places where you can buy food, goods and local produce. Details are available on our website.
6. Travel Green – Use public transport where possible.

Thank you to all of our guests for supporting our efforts to conserve our environment and site. If you have any recommendations please include them in your feedback form.

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